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Our Mission

Domestic Cleaning Standards Agency is the independent regulator of certain domestic cleaning service providers in the UK*. Our work includes monitoring and quality assurance of cleaning services provided by cleaning companies who are part of HQ Cleaning Ltd

Quality Control

To ensure a high standards , our experts provides a full range of quality control for the cleaning services

One Off Deep Cleaning

Staff Control

DCSA has developed 11 internal control standards which provide management principles for the recruiting and training process

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Products Control

Constant monitoring of all cleaning products based on "Government Buying Standards for Cleaning Products"

Full Range of Quality Control

DCSA was established by HQ Cleaning Ltd as an independent body and expert to monitor and control the quality of cleaning services. This allowed us to estimate the actual quality and thus improve the quality of cleaning services to the highest level.

Cleaning Services - Internal Code Of Standards

Many of the cleaning companies and customers use the words - "the highest standards". But many of them will not be able to answer the question - what exactly the HIGH STANDARDS means? Your home may look perfect but it does not mean that it was cleaned to a highest standards.

Unfortunately, these standards in domestic cleaning are not regulated by anybody. That's why we created our own "lab" and codes of standards to control quality of cleaning services , which can allow to define the notion of high standards in the domestic cleaning industry.

*Note: This codes applies only to companies who are part of HQ Cleaning Ltd
Cleaning Quality Control

Administrative Staff Control and Training Systems

To improve the quality and standards of cleaning services we created a special recruitment and training programme according to our "codes of standards". This process is regulated and performed by MoDC


Staff Control Quality Assurance

Cleaning Service Providers

Special notes : 'Domestic Cleaning Standards Agency" (DSA) operates independently of both Government and the industry. We are not Governement or public authority. Our agency provides a quality monitoring and quality assurance of cleaning services provided by cleaning companies who are part of HQ Cleaning Ltd.

Cleaning Quality Control
We created a special and individual cleaning standards to improve the quality of services.
Domestic Cleaning
We adapt and develop methodology in quality control to improve the quality of cleaning

Resolution Centre

HQ Cleaning Ltd aims to provide you with a reliable and high quality cleaning service at all times. If, however, our service has not met your expectations, send us a complaint and we will do our best to have it resolved.

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Resolution Centre
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